OPEN Call for Events: Nature2020 Winter Programme

2020 will be a year full of events and activities to mark the end of the UN Decade on Biodiversity where the aim is to reflect, both locally and globally, on what has been achieved with wildlife and conservation over the decade. 

Registration for the winter events programme is now open (January -March 2020). We invite local organisations to organise and register events and activities that aim to inspire and engage a diversity of people in the celebration of Brighton and Lewes’ local biosphere reserve, The Living Coast. 

All Nature2020 events must incorporate the following 4 areas:

  1. Connecting people with their Biosphere

  2. Accessibility

  3. Diversity & Inclusion

  4. Environmental Impact

We aim to raise awareness of the incredible place we live and hope that these events will enable people to feel more connected to The Living Coast, whilst providing people with the information needed to help to preserve the nature and wildlife that make up this area. We welcome a wide range of event and activity suggestions with the focus being the The Living Coast Biosphere and the importance of nature conservation. 

The deadline is November 8th 12pm

If you are interested in registering an event please click here to find out more 

Susuana Amoah